Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Moved. Unpacking. Drainer.

Oh my gosh....if no-one has told you yet, I'm going to tell you.

Moving is a drainer.

Note to self - Next time invest in a removalist. My sanity will thank me for it.

Anyway, on a more positive note, we have finished painting the architraves in thelounge, entrance and master bedroom. Small victory!

Also have moved in all the furniture.Took me (with the assistance of friends) a few days to get the placing right. Needed to fit 2 sets of sofas and a daybed/bench thing. I think I'm happy with the current layout....I think?!

So here is our progress......
The lounge

The bottles of wine won't fit in the bar. Anyone up for a drink?

♥ B.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Lonely Planet

Hi everyone!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend so far. I've been doing much of the same, painting and getting ready to move our stuff out of storage and actually move in. Will show you updates soon.

Dropped by a garage (yard) sale today and found this lovely Lonely Planet "The Asia Book". In pretty good nick except for the christmas message scrawled on the front page. Unwanted gift? I think so.

Anywho - other than looking great on my non-existent bookcase, I thought it would come in handy as we are set for an Asian holiday next year! My sister is getting married overseas and decided that whilst we're out of the country we may as well go on the Asian holiday we planned before I got knocked up! Rewind - Ok have been to USA and the following year went on a Europe trip and was planning an Asia trip the year after. Never happenned as it turned out I fell pregnant during our Euro trip! hehehe how life works :)

Below is the book and our destinations:

*this pic won't save the right way...ggrrr*

Excited? Hell yeah!

♥ B.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Thrifting @ Savers

Not sure where you are in the world but Spring has definitely hit Melbourne!

Went to the local Savers the other day, you know just browsing...not expecting (more like I can't AFFORD) to buy anything. So what happens? I find "things"....

1. Jewellry stand (?)

Ok I'm pretty sure this is a jewellery stand for necklaces perhaps? Anyone have one of these at home? Scored this for $5. Did I need it? Probably not.

2. Wall mounted cube

I picked this up while browsing and thought it would look great in my son's room. I knew it was a wall cube of some type due to the screw allowance. My son can use it to park his little matchbox cars - he has 1 car at the moment but that collection will grow!

I did some research and it is a Copco Wall Mount Spice Rack designed by Lubge - Randel circa 1970's. Originally had spice bottles in the cubes but obviously the one I bought is only the wall mount, but for $5.99 why not? I think this is my first true retro item BOOYAH!

3. Dress

Last item was a dress with a striped top and tulle skirt. It's currently in the wash but will take some pics when I come to wear it. Dress $8.99

Thanks for reading my rant ;)

♥ B.