Saturday, 23 July 2011

Renovation Road Block - Peeling Paint

Ugh. I hate painting, especially when you have to do it again.

Dad put the first coat of paint on the trims the other day while we were at work. Checked it out that night and I noticed that the paint was running. I thought it was strange that Dad had done an amateur-ish job as he has lots of experience painting.

I rubbed my finger over the paint and it just started to peel  and peel and peel some more. Curse!
I knew this was going to be another big job - I felt it in my bones.

Safety mask and glasses on with a scraper in one hand and a sander in the other - I scraped and sanded.

Since all windows and frames have been primed I was devastated to think I have to sand all of them back, wash and re-prime. Off I went running my fingernail accross each trim. To my surprise only half of the trimmings needed to be re-done. The other half stayed on and is ready for the first coat.

Got me confused. So where to get answers? Where else but Google! So according to forums, paint sites and Wikipedia there are really 2 reasons why paint would peel - moisture and poor preparation. I think it's the second one. We musn't have wiped the trims down properly with sugar soap. SHIT.

Lesson learned!

My poor Dad - I had to explain to him that it wasn't his painting skills that was the issue - it was my (lack of)cleaning skills.

On a more positive note, our tiles are getting layed. Thanks to hubby, brother in law and soon to be brother in law. Hopefully should be finished by tomorrow...hopefully.



We decided to get a pro to sand and varnish the timber floors. Lucky we know someone and he has given us mates rates.Awesome.

♥ B.

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  1. I hate sanding! It is the worse. When we did our little house, we had one person on each window because we hated it so much no one wanted to do it. ehhh


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