Friday, 22 July 2011

TnT - Mirror mirror on the wall

Hey hey!

Just a quick post on my opshop find yesterday.

I was indecisive whether to hit the opshops. Mum was in my ear saying "you come back with so much trash rararara...'. So just to get her a little bit more worked up I went hehehehe

Visited Vinnies...nothing.

Next was BlueLight opshop....nothing.

Then Salvos...score! I spotted a gilded mirror a few weeks ago and went back a week later and couldn't find it anywhere. Obviously been sold. Mind you I left it initially because it had a price tag of $44.99 - frugal me walked away.

Anywho - walked in yesterday and there it was sitting in the front display *Happy dance*. The opshop angels must have been shining their lights upon me because it was 50% off *Body roll*! So got it for $22.50.


Like or Lurve? I lurrrve....

♥ B.


  1. They don't alway put coloured tags on non clothing items in my local stores so that was so lucky!

    Em :)

  2. How wonderful!! Isnt it great when what you have been looking for finally is found? Happens to me in smal things alot I just am hoping for a few bigger things and one is a chandelier.
    You mother calls it junk? How rude lol My daughter LL also calls my stuff junk but always keeps an eye out for my type of junk when GSaling anyway My hubby not game to say anything about my treasures!!

  3. That was a stroke of luck! The photo of the mirror on the op shop blog didn't show off the gilded edge, so I came over to inspect it here. Very nice - especially at half price! Don't you love it when the oppies do that:-)

  4. haha... *bodyroll*... and working up your mum ... I think we're cast from the same mould :)


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